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    Healthcare organizations are constantly re-inventing the wheel when it comes to new programs.


    Our research-supported innovation "recipes" and affordable, one-on-one advising sessions with expert clinician innovators can help you identify & adopt best practices for excellent patient care.



    Backed by the Harvard Innovation Lab, the Harvard New Venture Competition, and the Brigham Research Institute, we can help move your practice forward.

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    CareZooming is a Semi-Finalist in 2018 Harvard New Venture Competition

    "The New Venture Competition, the annual student competition sponsored by Harvard Business School’s Rock Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise Initiative, has released a list of semifinalists who’ll compete under the “Social Enterprise” category."

  • FAQs

    What is an innovation “recipe”?

    • Our innovation “recipes” provide nitty-gritty insight into how a particular intervention was done – what materials were used, what team members were involved, what the budget was, and what the challenges were, for example.

    What kind of projects are you interested in?

    • Our initial focus is in primary care, and in particular, on behavioral health, chronic disease management, new technology, and social determinants of health


    Does it take a lot of work to get my project featured?

    • No! Once you submit a project overview, our team of amazing graduate students will contact you, talk to you for 30 minutes, and write up your work. You’ll then get to review the writeup, and we’ll feature your picture and bio.

    I’m not at an academic medical center. Are you still interested in my work?

    • YES! We are looking to feature projects from all around the country, in all sorts of practice settings.

    What if I eventually want to publish my work in a journal?

    • That’s ok from our end! We expect the focus of our “recipes” to be different than what a journal wants – more focused on the process than outcomes – and we can edit your recipe as needed so there isn’t overlap.

    What if we’re still working out the kinks for my project?

    • That’s great! We are interested in the process and learnings, not the final polished result.

    I want to talk to one of the project leaders. How can I do this?

    • You’re in luck! We can connect you to any of our innovators. In a 30 minute conversation, you can ask specific questions relevant to your situation. Fill out this form for more info.
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