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Increasing Rates of School Hearing Screening via Telemedicine @ Rural Public Health System in Alaska

This project aimed to improve timely identification and treatment of childhood hearing loss by implementing a mobile health (mHealth) hearing screen followed by expedited telemedicine…


  • Philip Hofstetter
  • Joseph J Gallo, MD, MPH
  • Alain Labrique, MHS, PhD
  • Nae-Yuh Wang, MS, PhD
  • Samantha Kleindienst Robler, AuD, PhD
  • Susan D Emmett, MD, MPH

Integrating Behavioral Health via Behavioral Health Consultant Roles @ Jefferson Health

Jefferson Health implemented a system-wide integrated behavioral health (IBH) program that introduces behavioral health consultants (BHCs) into practices across Jefferson Health in an effort to…


  • Christine Arenson, MD
  • Amy Cunningham, PhD, MPH
  • Johnny Stoeckle, MD

Enhanced Hepatitis C Virus Cure Rates via the ProvenCare Model @ Geisinger Health System

This program aimed to improve hepatitis C virus cure rates among patients in central Pennsylvania through close follow-up by a multidisciplinary team composed of physicians,…


  • Thomas H. Lee, MD, MSc
  • Sara Gaines, PharmD, BCPS
  • Sandeep Khurana, MBBS

Increasing Engagement with Preventive Care via myHealthFinder @ CVS Minute Clinics

CVS health sought improve preventive service uptake by consumers of CVS MinuteClinic by implementing the myHealthFinder digital interactive tool.


  • John Barron
  • Andrew Sussman, M.D
  • William Shrank, M.D
  • Linda Harris, PhD
  • Jennifer Polinski, PhD, MPH

Improving Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder via Integrated Behavioral Health @ Rural FQHC in Oregon

Masters and doctoral level mental health clinicians are integrated onto primary health care teams to address the biopsychosocial needs of patients in medication assisted treatment…


  • Rebecca E. Cantone, MD
  • Nicholas Gideonse, MD
  • Joan Fleishman, PsyD
  • Brian Garvey, MD, MPH

Remote Glucose Monitoring via Computerized Insulin Dosing @ Venice Clinic

A safety net clinic implemented a remote glucose monitoring intervention via computerized algorithms for insulin dose adjustments in order to to help clinicians make dosing…


  • S. Joshua Davidson
  • Mayer B. Davidson, M.D.

Improving Dermatology Appointment Access via Telemedicine @ Massachusetts Community Health Centers

A collaborative of seven Massachusetts community health centers (CHCs) implemented a remote dermatology consult system in order to triage in-person referrals more effectively, improve in-person…


  • Ranjani K. Paradise, PhD
  • Toni McGuire, RN, MPH
  • Carla Bettano

Tobacco Cessation via the “GetReady2Quit” (R2Q) SMS Program @ Massachusetts General Hospital Community Health Centers

This intervention sent proactive text messages with behavioral advice for primary care patients in an effort to support smoking cessation in all smokers, including those…


  • Gina Kruse, MD MPH
  • Nancy A Rigotti, MD
  • Karen Chase, BA
  • Jennifer HK Kelley, RN, MSN

Improving Musculoskeletal Care for Safety Net Patients via Integrated Practice Unit Implementation @ UT Austin

The pilot team implemented an integrated practice unit (IPU), which improved access to care and surgical outcome for musculoskeletal (MSK) procedures in an underinsured and…


  • Karl M. Koenig
  • Lorrayne Ward
  • Kevin J. Bozic
  • Miranda K. Hoff
  • Michael G. Zywiel
  • Tiffany C. Liu
  • Devin V. Williams

Improving In-Hospital Communication via Smartphones @ University of Maryland

The University of Maryland school of medicine aimed to improve inefficiencies of clinical workflows through implementation of a mobile telephone communication system in a NICU.…


  • Dina El Metwally
  • Samuel Gurmu, MD
  • Ahad Azeem
  • Colleen A. Hughes Driscoll, MD