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to implementing innovations in care delivery

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Tired of reinventing the wheel as you try to improve healthcare? Tired of reading dense papers about implementation without the practical details?

CareZooming’s implementation guides, expert connections, and collaboration software help bridge the gap between academic research and practical implementation for best in class care.

Knowledge Forum

  1. Implementation focused content
  2. “Guides” developed based on real-life implementation experiences
  3. Guides sourced from organizations, conferences, and published content from around the country.
  4. Ability to submit your own guide

Peer Network

  1. Access to peer innovators
  2. Get one-on-one consulting for your next delivery project
  3. Benchmark against the experts

Collaboration Software

  1. Software + services that collate and report on ongoing innovation in your organization
  2. Identify the most promising initiatives
  3. Create community and celebrate internal expertise

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